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I’ve always been committed to freedom. Protecting freedom is what our government should be all about. I believe strongly in individual liberty and freedom of opportunity for everyone in our state. I also support people’s Constitutional rights, including specifically the right to free speech and assembly, free religion, and the right to keep and bear arms. I also believe in the sanctity of life, and as for the issue of abortion, I am personally pro-life.

Lately, some of our freedoms have been tested and taken away by a government that is increasingly powerful. In particular, mandates imposed during the pandemic eroded individual liberty in our state. I oppose universal mask and vaccine mandates for public and private employees.


As a Republican, I believe strongly in fiscal responsibility. To me, that means a government that operates efficiently and taxes sparingly. When government does spend money, it should spend wisely. We need to think of our budget less as an expenditure and more as an investment in our future. And, as with any other investment, we need our budget to represent smart, forward-thinking choices. We also need to be ever-vigilant for signs of waste, fraud, and abuse in our state budget process.


As a parent, I’m particularly interested in making sure our children receive a quality public education. I am also concerned by what we’ve seen go on in our schools recently. Kids shouldn’t be in masks, and schools shouldn’t be teaching a curriculum based on a political agenda. I believe in greater parental involvement in the education process to make sure parents are the controlling voice in the future of their kids.


I have a deep appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our first responders. I believe first responders deserve respect, and they haven’t been getting their fair share of it lately. We need to make sure they have the training, resources, and community support they need to do their job safely and effectively. I also believe our state needs to be tough on crime to keep our streets safe, with constant respect for the rule of law. And, as a health care professional, I am committed to making sure our state does all it can in the ongoing struggle against COVID and the fight against the opioid epidemic.


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. And yet, too many of them are disappearing. I believe we need to support our small business community, so they can flourish and grow jobs in Massachusetts. I also want to see greater investment in our Commonwealth that will attract more businesses to relocate here. One of the best ways we can do that is to make sure our infrastructure is modernized and sufficient to meet the needs of our evolving society.


I will never lose sight of the fact that being Lieutenant Governor is an important responsibility, and that I am accountable to the citizens of Massachusetts in all I do. State government always must be fully transparent in its operations and accountable to those it serves.

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